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Come in for drinks and a good time!

Teazers in Wellford, SC, is a full service bar with topless dancing and private rooms!


Topless Dancing

Champagne Rooms

Bar | Teazers Gentlemans Club

The second most important part of our Gentleman's Club is the quality drinks that we serve from our full-service bar.

Topless Dancing | Teazers Gentlemans Club

Teazers is the only Gentleman's Club in the Spartanburg County area that offers their guests a dignified...

Champagne Rooms | Teazers Gentlemans Club

Our famous Teazers Champagne Rooms, known throughout Spartanburg County, offer off-stage entertainment...

Teazers Gentleman's Club, offers private Champagne rooms and topless dancing in Wellford, SC! Call us today and find out more information at (864) 949-3388!

Welcome To Teazers Gentlemans Club

Come In For A Good Time!

The 21 and older crowd in Spartanburg County insists that when you are looking for adult entertainment, you should get your tease on at Teazers. We promise you a stand-up time because Teazers has the best bar, the most beautiful entertainers, and the notorious Champagne Rooms. Young executives in central South Carolina come to us so they can kick back in our comfortable Gentleman's Club that is located in Wellford. Teazers is more than just a friendly pub and full-service bar; it's where people get their tease on! Our topless dancers beguile you with their beauty, their exotic dance routines, and their physical charms.

We tease you from the start with a full-service bar where you sip delicious drinks and soak in our hot, sexy ambience. Beautiful topless dancers turn and spin just a few feet away from where you sit as you enjoy your delicious drink. You can also get your tease on in our private Champagne Rooms. Our adult entertainers are always willing to perform more of their routines for you in these exclusive settings away from the pulsating music and other distracting eye candy walking around our full-service bar. Are performers are ready to give you their full attention.

Most of our more sophisticated guests end up indulging their senses in our Champagne Rooms because they enjoy our premium services and topless dancing that takes entertainment an entirely new genre of Gentleman's Clubs. We hand-pick our staff based on both physical appearance and professional behavior, as we insist on a service-oriented and customer focused experience. We concentrate all of our efforts on delivering the most erotic experiences in South Carolina, and we guarantee that Teazers, a Spartanburg Gentleman's Club west of Charlotte, SC, will excite your body and stimulate your mind. Stop in tonight and you’ll be happy that you did!